Stories from our time in Florida

“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.” ― Aliyyah Eniath, The Yard

🥪Reuben sandwich

Tasty food options are endless with a Snow Peak❄🗻 Gigapower stove and a hot sandwich maker. The results are always yummy 😋⛺ Cooking Tools With the GigaPower stove, on a low flame, I am using a SnowPeak accessory windscreen and a Burner Pad.  The burner pad or Cooking Net disperses the flame. To make theContinue reading “🥪Reuben sandwich”

🥗Bean Salad

Here is a yummy 😋 and filling backcountry dish. A bean salad drizzled with a brown mustard & olive oil dressing goes will with a hot 🐷ham & 🧀cheese 🍔sandwich made in a Chums Hot sandwich press. And don’t for get the 🍎 apple, Recipe for bean salad: 1 can of pinto beans 1 canContinue reading “🥗Bean Salad”

It is ok to say no

It’s ok to say no when you feel like a situation is not safe.  This goes for guides, owners, employees, customers, family, parents, children, and on an outing with friends. There is always the fear of upsetting a person when you say no.  You may see that the environment is not safe, the equipment isContinue reading “It is ok to say no”

🔦Camp Lights

Candle light It is challenging to pick my favorite camp light. Candle, battery, solar, iso-butane fuel, oil burning, wood, there are so many choices to brighten up the campsite.My oldest camp light from the 1990’s is the candle lantern by Northern Lights which is now UCO. It is a fun Wilderness Survival BSA merit badgeContinue reading “🔦Camp Lights”

🥾Hiking on water

The beauty of the Brooker Creek Preserve is in a few hours a person can experience four unique Ecosystems. Most of us with out a thought will hike down a Pine Flatwoods trail or enjoy the shade under an Oak Hammocks habitat. And then when on the days hike the ecosystem changes and you seeContinue reading “🥾Hiking on water”

🔥Camping Stove Tricks

Some people eat to live and others live to eat. Now a days I am moving away from boiling water for dehydrated freeze dried meals. I use three types of stoves to cook whole nutritional foods on depending on location, weather, and my food desires.

🛶Silver River, Florida

Silver River is located east of Ocala Florida fed by Silver Springs. Most paddlers, us included, access the river via Ray Wayside Park 3 miles past the Silver Springs Attraction on SR 40.

🥾Trail Review – J.B. Starkey Wilderness Park

Address: 10500 Wilderness Park Blvd, New Port Richey, FL 34655 “J.B. Starkey Wilderness Park covers over 8,300 acres of land and is a cooperative venture between the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) and Pasco County Parks and Recreation. Together with the adjoining 6,500 acre Serenova Tract to the north and the 1,300 acre AncloteContinue reading “🥾Trail Review – J.B. Starkey Wilderness Park”

You Ate What?

Yes, this past weekend I treated guests to three yummy meals: I am working with a friend to compose a cooking book and YouTube segment. So, presently I am keeping the recipes secret. For Breakfast I made Stuffed French Toast . . . . . For Lunch I made Fish Tacos . . . .Continue reading “You Ate What?”

I Can not Believe…

…that a person I met never washed their sleeping bag. Their belief was that the material would be damaged and the stuffing would loose it’s insulating properties. Where they got indoctrinated to that belief is beyond me. Also, think of the stink. When properly taken care of a down sleeping bag should last close toContinue reading “I Can not Believe…”

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