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Hiking on water

The beauty of the Brooker Creek Preserve is in a few hours a person can experience four unique Ecosystems. Most of us with out a thought will hike down a Pine Flatwoods trail or enjoy the shade under an Oak Hammocks habitat. And then when on the days hike the ecosystem changes and you seeContinue reading “Hiking on water”

Fresh hot sandwiches

When you are tired of boil in the meal bag meals reach for a hot sandwich cooker

Bacon-Cream Littleneck Clams

You can learn to make anything on a MSR Dragonfly white gas stove. Including seafood pasta, like this Littleneck Clams in a Bacon-Cream sauce. #シーフードパスタ#seafoodpasta ベーコンクリームのリトルネックアサリ Bacon-Cream Littleneck Clams #msr #SnowPeak #florida_oats #florida_o.a.t.s #floridalife #campinglife #adventureliveshere #florida #eatoutside #campcooking #getoutcookout #campchef #outdoorcooking #kitkat🍫 #kitkatjapan

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