🔥A Stove for every generation

I have the original Snow Peak ❄🗻 Giga Power manual stove purchased in 1999. It has survived sand, saltwater, 💦🌊, being frozen in ice, ⛄, and falling off a cliff. From sea level to above the tree line this is the best item I own.

Because this stove has surrived kayak expeditions, thru hikes, mountain bike camping trips, and rock climbing adventures I felt that it would be a reliable stove for for my son’s camping, hiking, backpacking & scouting adventures. I told him that I was planning on purchasing him a new Gia Power stove for his birthday. But he wanted my original stove. I wrapped it up. And he is now the owner of my old Snow Peak Giga Power stove.

My 13 year-old son uses a stove that’s 22 years old

So, this stove is living up to the reputation of gear that lasts and is passed down from generation to generation. Adopt this stove and it will become a trusted addition to your family.

And since my 13 year-old son now has my original giga I did purchase a new one for myself. If you are lucky to find an old Snow Peak stove buy it. It has a lifetime warranty. The stove is guaranteed for life. Granted, you probably will never need to use it.

What’s so special about the GigaPower Snow Peak Stove?

  • light weight 75 grams (2.64 ounces)
  • compact 2.65 inches tall
  • four folding arms creating a stable 4.17 inch diameter pot base perfect for a 5 inch pot
  • BTU 10,000 flame output for rapid boiling
  • Iso-butane fuel type

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