🥾Hiking on water

Brooker Creek Preserve 2021 September, Pine Flatwoods

The beauty of the Brooker Creek Preserve is in a few hours a person can experience four unique Ecosystems. Most of us with out a thought will hike down a Pine Flatwoods trail or enjoy the shade under an Oak Hammocks habitat. And then when on the days hike the ecosystem changes and you see Cypress Domes and you are knee deep in a Forested Wetlands. Sometime people stop and do not press forward.

If you have gear that does well in wet environments. And you have learned what to watch for and how to stay safe. Then your time hiking in water can be magical. In 2021 September I hiked the loop connecting Wilderness Trail + Pine Needle Path + Blackwater Cutoff + Flatwoods Trail = 4 miles

Blackwater Cutoff of the Brooker Creek Preserve hiking trail 2021 September


inside & on my backpack

Treasures found

First thing in the morning I saw three deer. During the day butterflies bounced around the flowers. Small fish swam in the water along the trail. Newts appeared and disappeared around the fallen trees. No alligators were seen nor water moccasins.

Treasure Map

Brooker Creek Preserve & Environmental Education Center

3940 Keystone Rd, Tarpon Springs, FL 34688

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