🥪Fresh hot sandwiches

Fresh hot sandwiches with a crispy edge are easy to make on a campout.  I grew up in scouts around the campfire with long handle pie irons, laughing, and enjoying hot pressed sandwiches and crispy fruit filled pies.  I still yearn for that tasty goodness.  In some parts of Florida and other states large wood campfires are not permitted.  And long handle cooking tools are tippy in some of the above ground campfires.

There is a solution.  In Japan there are many people who also enjoy fresh hot sandwiches with a crispy edge.  Their hot sandwich cookers have a short handle and easily fit over a gas camp stove.  I have enjoyed the Instagram photos of many people.  Here is a list of my top eight favorites who use a hot sandwich cooker:

On Saturday 14 August 2021 I ordered two styles from Amazon.co.jp

Four days later my package arrived

I ordered a Coleman 170-9435 Hot Sandwich Cooker made in China Price: ¥2,860 + ¥2,321 shipping Materials: Body – aluminum. Handles – Steel and wood. With a storage case https://ec.coleman.co.jp/item/170-9435.html


And a CHUMS CH62-1180 Double Hot Sandwich Cooker made in Japan Price: ¥6,350 + ¥2,412 shipping Material: Body: Aluminum alloy (fluorine resin film treatment), Handle: Stainless steel (phenolic resin) https://www.chums.jp/shop/g/gCH62-1180-0000-00/


First Impressions

The Coleman Japan box is not eye catching.  The cooker is compact and easily assembled.  The wood handles may not hold up over years of heavy use.  Only time and lots of cooking will tell.  The interior surface is a light tan, smooth, and should be easy to keep clean.  And each section has the Coleman lantern logo that will be branded into the crust of the sandwich.

The CHUMS box instantly reminded me on cooking adventures and 1950’s American nostalgia advertising.  The cooker handles are not removable.  It is solidly constructed and light weight.  It looks like it could handle falling from a mountain top and it would stay intact.  The interior surface is smooth black with their red footed booby bird mascot and CHUMS brand.  The CHUMS is a little wider than the Coleman so a bigger sandwich portion will be served from the CHUMS.


I am beginning my tests of both hot sandwich cookers.  Time will tell to see which one became my favorite cooking companion in my backpack, kayak, and car camping adventures.  I would also like to mention I have a gas home stove.  I plan on cooking sandwiches also at home. Also these little cookers are an excellent addition to hurricane preparation.  Watch my Instagram page for pictures and Reels https://www.instagram.com/floridaoats/

My test menu:

Hot Pressed Cuban, Italian Panini, fried queso, quesadilla, pizza

Wish list:

I would like to get my hands on three more hot sandwich makers, the:

the above images of the Snow Peak Tramezzino, Tsubame Sanjo 4w1h, & BAW Loo Panini hot sandwich makers are from the Amazon.co.jp website

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