🔦Camp Lights

Candle light

It is challenging to pick my favorite camp light. Candle, battery, solar, iso-butane fuel, oil burning, wood, there are so many choices to brighten up the campsite.
My oldest camp light from the 1990’s is the candle lantern by Northern Lights which is now UCO. It is a fun Wilderness Survival BSA merit badge light. Excellent in snow caves. And this candle lantern has become a Bushcraft vintage ambiance light. I see no need to upgrade it to a new UCO candle lantern.

Iso-Butane Light


When I moved to Florida and began my kayak expedition adventures, I upgraded to the GigaPower Lantern – Auto ignition iso-butane fuel by Snow Peak. I prefer using the optional metal mesh globe than the glass globe. I think I purchased this lantern in 1995. Saltwater and sand have not destroyed this quality lantern. It has never failed to brighten a gloomy night.

Mini Flame

This past Christmas Santa brought me a limited-edition Nocturne Mini Flame Lantern iso-butane fuel by Snow Peak. I haven’t taken it out into the wilderness yet. The lantern looks like the perfect blending of a candle lantern and durable quality of my GigaPower Lantern. I am looking forward to using it on my overlanding quests into the backcountry. I also think it will give the perfect amount of light to read a book under a tarp setup.

Battery & Solar Lights

On backpacking journeys, I first chose to use the Orbit battery light by Black Diamond. It was a nice soft light; however, I later upgraded to the Luci Original solar light by MPowerd. This gave me a waterproof light that is also brighter and lighter. Also, I find it an excellent tool for nighttime kayak fishing. And then there is the festive ENO Twilights Camp lights. This 4-ounce string of LED lights are a great addition to my hammock camping and tarp setups. Many new tents now have an integrated light pocket that diffuses light from a headlamp; consequently, when I am using my Nemo tent, I just use a headlamp.

Lamp Oil Lights


On a side note, several friends are enlightening me to the vintage Dietz oil burning lantern. Maybe for Father’s day I will discover Dietz 78 lantern with a Ducknot Snoopy lantern case from the Splash Flash company in Japan.

What is important

The features I find important to me are durability, weight, and burning time. I prefer to spend money once


  • Luci Original solar light by MPowerd
    • 4.4 ounces
    • 65 lumens
  • Orbit battery light by Black Diamond
    • 4.8 ounces
    • 45 lumens
  • Northern Lights candle lantern is now UCO
    • variable weight
    • One candle power
  • GigaPower Lantern – Auto ignition iso-butane fuel by Snow Peak
    • 4.7 ounces
    • 80 watts
  • Nocturne Mini Flame Lantern iso-butane fuel by Snow Peak
    • 3.6 ounces
    • One candle power

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