SUP paddleboard Classes

There are many ways to enjoy a day on the water.  And over the past few years I have seen the evolution of materials and function of Stand Up Paddle-boards.  Stand up paddle boards are lightweight and the learning curve to operate is quick. Just jump on and go, as some sales people would tell a customer.

Fitness, day paddling, fishing, racing, surfing, or just playing around, SUPs are a healthy prescription and another great way to get on the water. 

PFD & Leash = Safety

In 2008 the United States Coast Guard classified Stand Up Paddling boards as vessels like canoes and kayaks; as a result SUP riders are obliged to carry a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket and whistle for all waters except the surf zone during daylight hours.  This designation took SUP from being thought of as a fad and legitimatized it as significant part of the water-sport culture.

A leash, which connects you to your SUP, is highly recommended so you don’t lose your board when you fall off. The board is like a stone skipping along the water. If a person falls off the board it will go a distance from the paddler.

Leashes come in different styles, lengths, and with different attachment points to the paddler. All of the different choices help a user to find a comfortable fit.

But why take a class?

Often I am asked “why take a sup class” when retailers, people, and electronic media proclaim that it is easy to use a paddleboard.

As my teenage son has discovered even though he is stronger than me. I am still able to out distance him due to technique. And I have less soreness than he does after a few days on the water.

My goal is to share the love and knowledge of being on the water and the outdoors with others. And one of the best ways to achieve that goal is to help others learn how to paddle safely and without pain with proper technique.

can’t I just buy gear to improve?

Retailers will not tell customers that technique is what makes paddleboards easy. They as well as social media influencers only want you to buy stuff that will wear out. And watching videos, reading books, and self teaching yourself only goes so far. Taking a class with personal instruction earns you knowledge. And knowledge lasts forever.

Class and Presentations on:

Basic Strokes

BSA Paddleboard Award

Rescues & Safety

For on the water classes you must use your personal kayak for class

Private hands on instruction
in the field
  • + $25 for additional student
  • or free for non for profit groups
Group evening / weekend
indoor presentation
  • free for non for profit groups

The reason I prefer to teach in a small forum is to focus on the individual. Information can be lost in large groups and often there are questions left unanswered. Having a personal understanding of our local waters and some of the most unique waterways enables me to customize a class to a student’s needs. I can use the knowledge, training, and certifications I earned from the American Canoe Association (ACA), the British Canoe Union (BCU), and the school of hard knocks to enhance a fun learning environment for the new and experienced student. Paddling is a dream, passion, and means of relaxation for all.

  • Basic / Intro Paddling Strokes, $75 three hour class, You own a paddleboard but you are experience pain or you are having difficulty while on the water. Then, this is the perfect course for you.  Learn the basics – safety, lingo and how to maneuver a SUP – in three fun-filled hours.   In this comprehensive course students also learn how to lessen the chances of being nocked off their board from a breaking wave or boat wake.  Paddlers will work to develop control and recovery, and learn to minimize injury.
  • BSA Stand Up Paddle Boarding Award, no charge to scout troops
  • “Self Recovery Techniques in the event of a capsize”, $50 private instruction, Explore the unique world between being upright and capsized.  And students will discover a relaxed, safe, and reliable techniques for the calm to the small craft advisory days. This is also helpful if you are using the board to go scalloping or lobstering ($35 for repeat sessions)