Water Classes

Often I am asked “why take a kayak class” when retailers, people, and electronic media proclaim that it is easy to kayak.

As my son has discovered even though he is stronger than me. I am still able to out distance him due to technique. And I have less soreness than he does after a few days on the water.

My goal is to share the love and knowledge of kayaking and the outdoors with others. And one of the best ways to achieve that goal is to help others learn how to kayak safely and without pain with proper technique.

Retailers will not tell customers that technique is what makes kayaking easy. They as well as social media influencers only want you to buy stuff that will wear out. Knowledge lasts forever.

Class and Presentations on:




goofy foot to success

Qajaq class

BSA: Merit Badges


First Aid

Rescues & Safety

Kayak & Qajaq rolling

Camping from a boat


Florida Plants & Wildlife

Kayak paddling classes

SUP Paddleboard class

For on the water classes you must use your personal kayak / SUP for class

Private hands on instruction
in the field
  • + $25 for additional student
  • or free for non for profit groups
Group evening / weekend
indoor presentation
  • free for non for profit groups


The reason I prefer to teach in a small forum is to focus on the individual. Information can be lost in large groups and often there are questions left unanswered. Having a personal understanding of our local waters and some of the most unique waterways enables me to customize a class to a student’s needs. I can use the knowledge, training, and certifications I earned from the American Canoe Association (ACA), the British Canoe Union (BCU), and the school of hard knocks to enhance a fun learning environment for the new and experienced student. Paddling is a dream, passion, and means of relaxation for all.