Land Classes

There are many ways to escape the confines of the city.

But why take a Class

Often I am asked “why take a ‘camping’ class” when retailers, people, and electronic media proclaim that it is easy to stay safe and find enjoyment outside of the city.

As my son has discovered even though he is stronger than me. I am still able to out distance him due to technique. And I have less soreness than he does after a few days in the wilderness.

My goal is to share the love and knowledge of the outdoors with others. And one of the best ways to achieve that goal is to help others learn how to camp safely hike with some trail secrets.

Can’t I just buy gear to improve?

Retailers will not tell customers that knowledge is what makes the wilderness fun. They as well as social media influencers only want you to buy stuff that will wear out. Watching videos, reading books, and self teaching yourself only goes so far. Taking a class with personal instruction earns you knowledge. Knowledge lasts forever.

Class and Presentations on:



Florida Plants & Wildlife

Mountain Biking

Bush Craft




BSA: Merit Badges

First Aid

Leave No Trace

Do’s & Don’ts

  • + $25 for additional student
  • or free for non for profit groups
  • free for non for profit groups

The reason I prefer to teach in a small forum is to focus on the individual. Information can be lost in large groups and often there are questions left unanswered. Having a personal understanding of our Florida landscape and some of our most unique waterways enables me to customize a class to a student’s needs.