Often I am asked “why take a class” when retailers, people, and electronic media give information away for free. There is a lot of misleading, bias, and misinformation that can confuse and cause harm. A class allows for guided discovery and opportunity to practice skills without causing damage or harm to oneself.

My goal is to share the love and knowledge of the outdoors with others. I focus on you. Information can be lost in large groups and often there are questions left unanswered. Having a personal understanding of our local and unique parts of Florida enables me to customize a class to a student’s needs.

I can use the knowledge, training, and certifications I earned, and the school of hard knocks to enhance a fun learning environment for the new and experienced student. Being outside is a dream, passion, and means of relaxation for all.

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🏕️hammock comfort

There are many advantages to hammock camping in Florida.  Many people think that the heat, humidity, and biting insects are a deterrent to camping.  That does not need to be the case.  Hammock camping is fast to set up.  The the material aids in comfort; say goodnight to hard ground, rocks and sticks poking yourContinue reading “🏕️hammock comfort”

🥪Reuben sandwich

Tasty food options are endless with a Snow Peak❄🗻 Gigapower stove and a hot sandwich maker. The results are always yummy 😋⛺ Cooking Tools With the GigaPower stove, on a low flame, I am using a SnowPeak accessory windscreen and a Burner Pad.  The burner pad or Cooking Net disperses the flame. To make theContinue reading “🥪Reuben sandwich”

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